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Year 2 Cricket

Year Two Cricket vs Eaton House

The Dragons opened the batting and scored a massive 186 runs. 6’s came from Ludo, Kit and every other member of the team hit one or more 4’s. Wetherby dazzled with their batting skills to the joy of our support. In came Eaton House to bat against Captain Fantastic Alfred who took a hat-trick of wickets, a second in as many weeks. Incredible stuff! Well done Alfred. Aston and Cooper also took wickets. The boys were unstoppable at fielding, only conceding two 4’s. Great performance all around.

The All Blacks won their match by over 130 runs, possibly the biggest win margin in Wetherby history. Arthur and Rohaan were the star batsmen for the day and Rohaan also took two wickets. More wickets came from Redmond, Cassar and Arthur. The entire All Blacks team did not bowl one wide or No Ball, a fantastic achievement.

The Springboks scored 112 runs; the boys took 4 wickets and Eaton House scored 88 runs. Raphael took 2 wickets, James was the star batsman hitting the only 6. Tyler, Tristan and Nicolo were all very alert and dominated the fielding.

The Wallabies had a closer game with Wetherby scoring 235 edging Eaton House by 10 runs. Constantin was the stand out player of the day.

The Pumas scored 147 to overcome Eaton houses 125 runs, with Timotheé hitting three 4 ‘s

And finally Azzuri won with 127 runs to 92.Ezra hit three 4’s and two 6’s.

6 out of 6 wins and Year two continue their undefeated start to the season!