Happy child at school

Behind the Red Doors

Behind the red doors at Wetherby is a wealth of fun and activity. We believe that all boys should be happy, well-rounded and confident learners who are respectful, thoughtful and motivated Wetherby Ambassadors. We also believe that the qualities of integrity, kindness and good manners are at the heart of what we do. The aim of our school is to create an atmosphere of care both in and out of school; this is for all users of the school, including children, parents, staff and the community. The aim at Wetherby is to ensure every boy has a happy and fulfilling experience. At Wetherby School we are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our boys so they can learn and play in a relaxed and secure environment. By providing this environment we believe that all pupils will be able to reach their individual potential.

We are very particular about the boys’ manners and how they conduct themselves both inside and outside of the red doors. Being a Wetherby Ambassador is, as we tell them, their most important task; boys are proud to wear the Wetherby uniform and proud to be an ambassador for their school. Trust, respect, honesty, and a hardworking attitude is intrinsic in all that we teach.

The year is crammed full of internal and external activities and learning opportunities and every single boy will find something in which he will excel. Indeed, our motto “Excellence in Education”, is reflected in everything that you will find inside the red doors. Excellence in education, both academic and pastoral, is about what we, the staff, promote in every area of school life behind our red doors.

As one parent wrote, ‘Wetherby boys are allowed to be boys; they are not punished for having a joke and fun or being rowdy during outside breaks, or being competitive at sport. But despite their healthy boyishness and sense of fun, the children are incredibly polite, caring and considerate and respectful to each other and adults.’