School Destinations

Each boy at Wetherby has the opportunity to progress through to Wetherby Prep School. Approximately fifty percent of each year’s exit group will proceed to Wetherby Prep.

We are also a strong feed to St Paul’s Juniors, Sussex House and Westminster Under. Catholic families may choose St Philip’s or Westminster Cathedral Choir School. Approximately ten percent of the exit group will go to boarding schools such Caldicott, Cothill, Ludgrove, Summer Fields and The Dragon.

Destination of Year 2 and 3 School Leavers

(in brackets is the number of boys who have left us to attend those schools in the last five years)

London Day Schools

  • Latymer Prep (2 boys)
  • Kings College Junior School (3 boys)
  • St Paul’s Juniors (56 boys)
  • St Philips (2 boys)
  • Sussex House (32 boys)
  • Wetherby Prep (130 boys)
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir School (1 boy)
  • Westminster Under (73 boys)

Boarding Schools

  • Bruern Abbey (2 boys)
  • Caldicott (20 boys)
  • Cothill (4 boys)
  • Ludgrove (4 boys)
  • Summer Fields (7 boys)
  • The Dragon (3 boy)