Happy child at school

Vision and Aims


Dream big, do your best, be ready

Wetherby is a vibrant community dedicated to providing the opportunity to pursue dreams, personal excellence and individual growth while celebrating grace, grit and courage.

Dream Big

  • Pupils are encouraged to develop the skills and proactive mindset to follow their dreams.
  • Contribution and effort is celebrated as much as achievement.

Do Your Best

  • Our curriculum promotes fun, inspires curiosity and ignites a love of learning.
  • We provide personalised learning experiences to cater for the individual needs of pupils.

Be Ready

  • Pupils are encouraged to express their own views with confidence while learning to respect the opinions and diversity of others.
  • We instil the values of resilience, honesty and kindness to equip them with the self-confidence for future life.
  • We offer a holistic approach to education which fosters positive relationships between home, school and the local community.