Break time at Nursery


Through art and design, boys at Wetherby are given the freedom and confidence to express themselves through various art forms and creative processes. We aim to challenge and broaden boys’ perception of art by opening up their minds to new ideas and alternative ways of thinking. We highly encourage creative thinking and enable our boys to delve into the never ending, wonderful possibilities that the imagination has to offer.

Our boys are encouraged to take inspiration from the world around us and use a variety of materials and techniques to communicate their response. Promoting art on a deeper level, boys begin to understand the relationship between art and emotion and how they can represent this through colour, line, shape and form.

Boys are prompted to compare and contrast the work of others. Studying many of the creative masters before us, they are provided with the opportunity to understand and explore different working methods and techniques. They are also very much encouraged to interpret the work of others through their own eyes and share their opinions, thoughts and ideas.

Working in a relaxed environment and with an extensive range of equipment, tools and resources, our pupils are provided with the opportunity to create work of the highest standard. They are able to share their creative achievements within the school, through awards such as Artist of the Week, Wetherby Tate and Picture of the Month. Through external competitions and exhibitions, boys are also able to showcase their work in a more professional context and highlight the artistic talent that Wetherby School continues to produce.