Break time at Nursery

Learning Support

Wetherby is a non – selective school. We have a community of boys who are of varying skill and ability. Some boys require additional support; we have a large and committed learning support team in house that consists of our Head of Learning Support, dyslexic trained specialist support teachers and speech and language therapists. We also have strong links to outside agencies and regularly consult with Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioural Optometrists, dyslexic centres and play therapists. At Wetherby we recognise that differentiation in class is essential to meet the diverse range of abilities and support all learners throughout their academic journey. All staff receive ongoing SEND training and are fully involved with identification, target setting and the assessment process for boys. Teachers regularly adapt their teaching to meet the needs of the boys. We believe early identification and intervention is the key to future success. We have different levels of support which we can offer boys that require extra help. This ranges from quality first teaching with additional strategies in class, early morning booster groups, small group interventions and one to one specialist teaching.

Wetherby is proud of the learning support it provides. We treat each child as an individual and tailor the support they receive to suit their specific needs. Underpinning all our work is the desire to build a child’s confidence in believing they can achieve and succeed.