Playing Chess

School Houses


At Wetherby School each boy will be grouped into a House.  Boys will know their House before they start school and any new boys that arrive during the academic year will be allocated to a House. Through our House system, boys are rewarded across many aspects of daily school life.

The names of the Houses and associated colours are as follows:

  • Marlborough     Green
  • Montgomery     Yellow
  • Nelson                  Blue
  • Wellington          Red

The names of the Houses are based on famous British military leaders.

House Points

House points can be given to individual pupils for: academic achievement, effort in learning and for being a Wetherby Ambassador. Boys are given a counter to put in their House collection box and points are recorded on charts, both are displayed in the boys’ classrooms.

Collective House Rewards

There will be weekly stickers and certificates for the House who has earned the most House points, which will be awarded during the year group assembly on Friday. The totals for each House will be displayed on the House display board in the hall at 11 Pembridge Square and the House notice board in the entrance hall at 19 Pembridge Villas. A picture of the House cup will be displayed on the board for the House that has the most House stars.

At the end of the term one House will be awarded the House cup. This is for the House who has received the most House points over the term. This will be presented in the final whole school assembly at the end of the autumn and spring term and at prize giving in the summer term.