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Little Wetherby

Little Wetherby provides a fun and stimulating learning environment in a secure and happy setting. The early years are an important time for learning and preparing boys for the next stage of their education at Wetherby School. In Little Wetherby, the highly experienced early years specialist teachers create a holistic curriculum, incorporated with learning outcomes and activities which suit the learning styles of every boy.

The Little Wetherby boys feel very much part of the school itself, joining in with whole school events and assemblies led by the Headmaster, Mr Snell. From the beginning of their time in nursery, the boys are immersed in the Wetherby ethos making the move to Reception a natural and easy progression.

Alongside this, the pastoral care found in Little Wetherby remains a priority in ensuring that the transition from home to nursery runs smoothly, while developing positive relationships with others and skills for life.

Parents are valued as the first educators for their children’s education; thus, we work closely with families to ensure the best outcomes for all our boys.

It is our motivation to ignite a love of learning amongst the boys in Little Wetherby and create a memorable start to their Wetherby journey.