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Mark Snell Bursary is established

At the end of this term Mark Snell will be completing his 17-year tenure at Wetherby School and assuming an important new role as the Director of UK Education for Inspired Schools. He will be greatly missed as Wetherby’s Headmaster but we are fortunate that he will remain in our orbit, as he assumes new leadership responsibilities for Wetherby and all of the schools in the Alpha Plus Group. 

Honouring Mark Snell and his Impact, Past and Future

Mark has graciously agreed to allow The Gold Standard Charitable Trust (GSCT), the School’s partner charity, to celebrate his substantial contributions to the life of this school and honour his impact on the boys and families of Wetherby by designating a Bursary Fund in his name.

The Mark Snell Bursary Fund will award life-changing bursaries to talented boys who would not otherwise be able to even contemplate attending Wetherby School. Our goal is to create a sustainable fund that enables one or more Mark Snell awardee(s) to enter the school annually in Year 2. We will be increasing outreach efforts toward that end. The boy(s) will be eligible for continued support from this fund should he/they continue to be enrolled within the Wetherby group.

The Gold Standard Charitable Trust is the partner charity to the Alpha Plus Group of schools; its sole mission is to provide bursaries at schools like Wetherby. When you make a donation to GSCT, 99%+ of the donation goes to bursary support. (The only expense for the charity is its annual audit; Alpha Plus covers all other costs.)

DETAILS ABOUT making a donation or pledge can be found at the end of this email, or by following this link.