Playing Chess

Wetherby Ambassador

The Rules to Always being a Wetherby Ambassador provide the basis of the Wetherby School behaviour management policy and outline the behaviours expected in school. These will be consistently referred to across all year levels and receive particular attention at the beginning of each school year and during learning for life discussions. These rules form the basis of weekly whole school targets. When a rule has been broken, these will provide the discussion points.

The Rules to Always being a Wetherby Ambassador are:

• We are polite, well-mannered and honest
• We are kind, caring and helpful
• We listen to and respect others
• We behave sensibly
• We play nicely and include others
• We work hard and try our best
• We have a positive attitude and a growth mindset
• We encourage and congratulate each other
• We look after our belongings and school
• We show good sportsmanship
• We smile and have fun

Each week in assembly one boy from each year group is given an award for being a Wetherby Ambassador. His photograph is taken and is displayed on the Wetherby Ambassador noticeboard.