Nursery Curriculum

Our carefully planned curriculum is tailored to the needs of the individual child allowing them to progress successfully through the Early Years Foundation Stage and foster a love of learning. Through skilful observation and assessment, activities and opportunities are planned to encourage the boys to develop holistically and gain pre-school skills with the minimum of pressure and lots of fun. The boys are encouraged to become active learners through making choices and following their own interests. Each day they will experience a balance of child initiated and adult led activities. This encourages the boys to discover a wide range of subjects through play and exploration, developing creativity and divergent thinking skills. Boys gain knowledge and the skills for learning in the nursery to give them the best possible start for their school lives. Learning is very individual and boys are taught to their ability and when they are ready.

We value the key role that you, as parents, play in your son’s learning. At Wetherby we recognise the importance of teachers and parents working together in partnership to ensure the best possible start for every boy’s education. Through daily contact and written reports we will share your son’s social and academic progress and achievements formally and informally.