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Nursery Pastoral Care

Pastoral care in Little Wetherby is of paramount importance to us as a community and is embedded in all aspects of nursery life. We aim to give our boys the very best start to their education by creating a secure and happy learning environment. Our pastoral care develops skills for life as boys learn to be part of a group while retaining their individuality and developing their resilience.

There are clear expectations in the setting and we encourage a co-operative approach to all activities showing respect for each other. As well as holding incidental conversations as emotions and circumstances present themselves, we have focussed adult-led activities to help the boys to learn particular skills. Some of these skills are, how to share, how to recognise and name their own emotions and do the same in others. Over the course of their time with us, the boys are taught how to solve disagreements and then supported in applying this knowledge. We encourage the boys to use strategies such as turn taking or sharing, to discuss what the right thing to do is and how our actions make ourselves and others feel.

Each year the boys create their own class charter and set of class rules in which to follow. These are based on the key principles of being gentle, having kind hands and words, listening well and sharing.