boy under a tent

Year 1 Trip to the Cutty Sark

Last week, the year 1 boys went on a wonderful trip to the Cutty Sark. We asked one of the boys for a summary of the day.

Yesterday we went to the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum. My favourite bit was the ‘Land Ahoy!’ area where we did dressing up and playing with boats. It was the best time of my life! On the Cutty Sark we learnt that it was a clipper ship which used the wind to travel instead of an engine. It used to take tea to China and it also had wool and spices in the cargo area. I also liked it when Max had to put on the sailor hat and pretend to be Jack the cabin boy. At the end we had to pretend that Oliver had fallen overboard and pull him in with a rope. I want to take my family to the Cutty Sark to show them how fun it is and I want to buy a model of the Cutty Sark!”

By Caspar