boys looking into a large pond

Year 2 Trip to Hampton Court Palace

On 13th June 2017, Year 2 went to Hampton Court Palace. The bus ride was very long. However, after about an hour we arrived at beautiful Hampton Court. First, we had a small snack. Then, we went to see the kitchens. In the kitchens we saw the plate that King Henry VIII ate from! Carefully, we went up the King’s staircase leading to his apartments. On our way in, we saw some real guns and some real bow and arrows! I tried to touch one, but an alarm went off! Oops! We moved onto the King’s apartment and saw an actual chair that the King sat on and the bed he slept on. It was all rather grand! I saw another alarm (this time, I did not go near it!) After a delicious lunch in the gorgeous gardens, it was time for our ‘Tudor Times’ workshop. The teacher was called ‘Lady Beth’ and she taught us how to bow to each other, then we learnt a jolly Tudor dance that the King enjoyed! It was time to go. We hopped on the bus and we were back to school in no time. I would love to go back to Hampton Court Palace, it was a great trip!

by Jonah K