boys stood together hugging

Hampton Court

Excitedly I woke up, sped out of my bed shouting “wake up, wake up!” I was ready for my school trip to historical Hampton Court. When I got to Hampton Court I was carrying my packed lunch and standing next to my buddy. Shortly afterwards I went and got my audio guide and made our way to King Henry’s kitchens. Within moments we were in the butcher’s freezer which looked like a narrow hallway. Out of the corner of my eye I saw plump pies, a variety of meats and a stuffed fire with burning wood and with flaming red flames. Shocked, I couldn’t believe that there were fifteen kitchens needed to the dozens of delighted people. In the main courtyard we found six spooky talking stones. Hungrily, I licked my lips ready to get my food. We had a picnic in the garden and I was stunned to see how much land King Henry VIII owned. After I ate my scrumptious food we played tag for around eight minutes. After that we went and drew a picture of the palace. On the way home we were lucky to go on a cooler bus which had a table in the seat, a TV that never turned on and a foot rest. I found the trip spectacular!

by Gustav in Year 2