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Sports Update

Year 3 vs Falcons

The Wetherby cricket season has been one of highs and more highs, as all teams continue to play well and win matches convincingly.

Before half term, the U8’s played the Falcons in their own ‘backyard’ and managed a ‘clean-sweep’ winning all three matches.

The Dragons scored 169 runs and held the opposition to 109 runs taking 4 wickets. Great performances from Adam, Seb, Alexander and Cooper who all hit fours but Rohan took it one step further, smashing two sixes as the ball flew over the boundary.

On the second field, Wetherby were running a MATSERCLASS! The All Blacks scored a remarkable 225 runs and took 5 wickets holding The Falcons to a modest 105 runs. What is exceptional about their performance, is that every single boy on the team hit at least one ball for 4 runs, with JJ, Redmond and Cass all hitting for 6 in addition to their fours.

The Springboks completed the hat-trick by winning their match by 10 wickets (140-93). Tristan and Raphael hit fours, while Nicolo took 3 wickets which was supported by the efforts of Raphael and Leo who also took a wicket each.

The U8 teams have a perfect 100% record and have amassed over 1,200 runs between them. A marvellous effort from every boy that has taken part and represented the school so far.

Year 2 vs Eaton House

Lashings of cricket were the order of the day, as 16 teams and over 120 boys from Wetherby and Eaton House took to Perks field on Thursday 24th May.

The Dragons won by 6 wickets (125-112) as Max, James, Dylan , Caspar and Max hit fours to help their team to victory.

The All Blacks won 170-135 with 10 fours from 6 players- Carlos, Tancredi, Nicholas, Leo, Oscar and Rex.

Unfortunately the Springboks weren’t able to secure the win, despite their efforts. Falcons played extremely well and won by 5 runs 111-106.

Back to winning ways. The Wallabies won by 10 wickets (127-117)

The Pumas won by 7 wickets (119-112)

Les Bleus won 118 for 1 – 71 for 9

Team Azzurri, 127 for 4 v 125 for 7

The Reds&Whites won by 9 wickets (108-95)

Eight U7 teams have a winning record of 95.5% having scored 2,374 runs. No mean feat!

Well done, boys!