Students on bikes

Palaces on Wheels

Excitement levels were high at Wetherby today as this week four members of staff have been taking part in a cycling challenge to raise money for the British Asian Trust. This afternoon two of them, and the rest of the delegation, cycled past the school to a roar of cheering!

Behind the scenes, Ms Dingle our Deputy Head, Ms Powell our Registrar, Mr Redmond our Head of Sport and Miss Rowan-Hamilton 1R class teacher, have all been training for this event which will cover a total of 400km from Highgrove to Buckingham Palace across the English countryside.

Please support our four incredible riders in raising funds to combat child poverty, child trafficking, domestic abuse, support mental health and help those who struggle to live on less than £2 a day. These vulnerable people are deprived of life’s basic necessities that we take for granted and struggle against simple things like lack of clean water, food and education to exploitation, slavery and human trafficking.

The common theme with all these causes is education. By providing education and support in a safe and secure environment we can hopefully provide a long-lasting solution to lift the most vulnerable out of the spiral of poverty for generations to come.

To donate please visit