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Year 3 Cricket

Year 3 Wetherby v The Falcons

Wetherby went into this away fixture having put together some convincing performances of late and the boys were keen to continue with their success.

The Dragons bowled first and were exceptional throughout. Santiago took a wicket with some incredible bowling but it was the team’s batting that did the damage. Sam hit a brilliant 6, making 18 runs. Captain Oliver was as consistent as ever, scoring 16 as did in form player Kieran. The Dragons won 156-126.

The All Blacks also put in a decent performance which keeps their unbeaten run going as they won 135-125. Man of the match, Kingsley made 14 from 6 balls.

The Springboks also put in a consistent performance with batsman Geoffrey finding the boundary on a number of occasions and finishing on 13! The final score was 132-122 to Wetherby. 

Year 3 Wetherby v Westminster Under 

Wetherby faced tough opposition in this much anticipated clash. The Dragons batted first and played extremely well as captain Oliver found the boundary twice, finishing on 14. Oscar batted consistently throughout as he hit 13 runs and John and Will added 11 runs each to the tally. The Dragons finished on 187 but gave away 10 wickets due to some excellent fielding from the opposition. The boys bowled well throughout as Oliver and Santiago both took wickets and Oscar took a fantastic catch. Westminster Under finished on 188 and the Dragons were only able to take 5 wickets which was the difference, meaning the hosts won by 26 runs. Nonetheless, a good performance from The Dragons.

The All Blacks put on the performance of the season winning by an astonishing 124 runs as man of the match Hugo hit 25 and also took 2 wickets. Max and Alexander were terrific when fielding but it was an all-round team performance which was hugely impressive. The final score 220-96.